Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Venuemax, we respect every individual’s privacy. Our policy mainly outlines the efficient and secured usage of the information that we collect on the website. Information is processed complying to the data security industry standards (confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and authorisation) in the back-end to enable the customers and business partners in making informed decisions.

Privacy policy is applicable to website comprising of the parent site and child sites hosted through it - live streaming, vendor pages, venue pages and dashboards, search and user queries.

Our privacy policy is subject to change based on market dynamics, our company’s vision and goals. Please review the policy to make yourself aware of the possible changes.

By accepting the privacy policy, your consent for the appropriate use of personal information captured on the website is confirmed. Must you have any further doubts or questions on the personal data usage, we advise you to contact us.

We collect -

Your business and personal information. Unless we have this data, we may not be able to offer you the service of your choice.

For users, it is used to process the event related order - finding suitable venues, vendors and other miscellaneous information for making an event successful

For Venues and Vendors, it is used to promote their business and to enhance the visibility to the online customers.

Cookies are tiny files placed on your browser and hard disk for improving the site response times and to have a best user experience while using our site. These would help us in providing a better service. Few are session cookies which are deleted from the hard drive at the end of each session. Browsers prompt for the usage of the cookies and if you defer to use it, you may decline. While browsing you may end up on a third party site link and cookies related to any third party sites are not controlled by Venuemax. Information provided by our customers on the third party sites is not in our privacy policy scope.

Your IP address, browsing location and device through which the request is raised. This would help us mitigate the fake alarms or requests raised through our web site and in diagnosing issues related to our web site.

This policy applies to all the users accessing venuemax site from their mobile devices and to all the mobile optimised sites.

We guarantee you that the information collected will not be sold to any tele marketers, research organisations or any other third parties for marketing purposes unless explicitly stated or legally mandated. - Connecting Celebrations

Dream and Live your best moments with us.

The beauty of life lies in celebrating every moment of it. Celebrations, form those integral, timeless and precious possessions of our memories. It is a blessing to have people join you in the best ways to give celebrations a new meaning. joins hands to make your every occasion a happy one. Planning and celebrating an occasion is lot easier when finds a place in your books. It is a one stop solution for all your occasion needs. We are an “Indian Events” based website offering a consolidated-on hand information about venues and vendors needed to celebrate an event. Choose from a wide range of venues available across the region and know the availability of days/dates by just one click. An online booking calendar reflects the available, blocked and booked dates for each venue and facilitates you to make the best choices. Now, the finest of the banquet halls to the most happening function halls can be booked online.

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Wishing you Happy Moments!

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